Is Business VoiP the answer for your small business? Take a look at Vonage UK’s call plans

Small office, Home office (SoHo) businesses are proving resilient and adaptable enough to weather the economic storm – and thrive. In the UK, there are approximately 3 million SoHos and SMEs, many working with overseas businesses, customers and suppliers. Vonage UK believes VoIP technology and in particular unlimited call plans, tick all the right boxes for these businesses.

Vonage suggeste that “part of Britain’s economic recovery will be driven by SoHos and SMEs, and they need to communicate effectively through portable landlines, with capped costs and unlimited calls. We see it as a phone line with no boundaries.”

Until now, however, there has been one major financial consideration for these innovative businesses: communicating with their customers, particularly if those customers are overseas. This is where Vonage UK, one of the UK’s leading providers of VoIP technology is helping.

“For small businesses international trade, cost effectiveness and flexibility are the keys to success and growth,” says Vonage UK’s Managing Director Vincent Potier. “Switching from a traditional landline-based technology over to Internet telephony to make unlimited calls to your international customers is a major cost benefit,” he adds.

Vonage UK has quickly established itself as a major player in the new wave of internet-based telecommunications, concentrating on flexibility and cost effectiveness, as well as outstanding customer service. “Business is changing, the ‘global SoHo’ network where small businesses work with each other around the world is becoming increasingly significant in the business world and Vonage UK is providing the communications solution to make working with customers and partners easier.”.

The flexibility of Vonage UK’s call plans means that distance is no longer a factor in call costs. Many of the packages offer unlimited calls between Vonage to Vonage set-ups, allowing a business operator in London to call its satellite office in Spain, for example, as easily as making a local call. The portability and ease of use of VoIP VoIP revolutionises communication within networks of remote workers and clients, opening up the possibility of working anytime, anywhere and with anyone across the globe – the idea of completely flexible working is now a reality.

But the innovations don’t stop there. Vonage also enables small businesses to have ‘virtual phone numbers’, which have local dialling codes specific to a particular country. This means a client can call a US number and get through to the business’s UK number without paying international calling charges. Vonage believes this will enable small businesses to deliver better service to their customers abroad and position themselves as companies with a global presence.