Invest NI welcoming small business

In order to help more small businesses the Invest NI has undergone some radical changes because of recommendations on the Independent Review of Economic Policy as explained by Arlene Foster Enterprise Minister shifting the organisation to a partnership role to boost exports, from its original client based approach.

They will be able to fund more money to businesses that want to move into new markets and those that want to grow. This came at an event hosted by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Belfast.

Saying that a wider business base will enable Invest NI to do even more and helping the smaller business because when she first starting working in the department many small businesses felt they were not Invest NI clients so they could not get help because of the perception that Invest NI had adopted a hands off approach to small business.

The goal is to make Invest NI a place where one can get the advice and support needed. There will be business and telephone advisory centres established from working with councils and Local Enterprise Authorities to help back up the existing site.

The belief is that these facilities are going to give many businesses throughout Northern Ireland advice and support needed and in turn will help to give the economy a needed boost. Over the past 12 months startups and SME’s in Belfast had created over 600 jobs and that the Invest NI announcement makes for further importance of the small business.

The minister also mentioned the small businesses were Northern Ireland’s economic backbone and had to be helped so they can further help the country by creating new jobs and boosting the local economies.