Information Security Forum opens doors to SMEs

The Information Security Forum (ISF) which is a security trade group that in the past only catered to large corporations is now attempting to gain the input of small businesses.

The ISF will now allow companies that have a turnover of under £100m per year to apply for an SME membership according to an announcement made by the group this week.

The ISF is a non-profit international organization that offers guidance to members on information security issues and best practice solutions.  Notable member organizations include British Airways, GlaxoSmithKline, Barclays, and Prudential.

Service director for IT analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, Andrew Buss, stated that opening up the ISF to SME membership is a good idea because all companies regardless of size can benefit from third party guidance and information when it comes to security.

The new ISF SME membership will allow businesses to access over 400 reports on information security as well as online discussion groups that allow companies to exchange their methodologies and access to the web based ISF Security Healthcheck tool.

While it does offer these perks, a SME membership is restricted compared to a full membership, with SME members unable to access the full range of provided benchmarking services and security tools and not invited to attend the ISF world congress event held every year.

Buss stated that the most likely SMEs to sign up for a membership will be those that are on the larger side themselves.