Implementing a new accounts system: A case study

A good business management software package, such as SAP Business One, is widely considered to be one of the best ways of improving efficiency, productivity and communication in any business. Such packages allow for the transfer and storage of client data, sales figures and even payroll details, while also saving money and resources. Ideal for businesses with multiple staff, clients or offices, the software enables internal and external communication to become quicker and more efficient, as well as the sharing of data or documents.

There are many uses for business management software, but one of the main ones is storing and organising the company’s accounts. Given the right software package, transactions, budgeting and even financial reports become quicker and easier. The business is also able to keep greater track of its spending, profits and losses. Even better, implementing a new accounts system is far easier than you may think.

Shakespeare’s Globe is a company known worldwide, attracting thousands of visitors and audience members every year. As a result, it needed an accounts system that was efficient, easy to use, and was suitable for the number of clients it works with. It was decided that a new software package was required; especially since the current system was becoming increasingly old and unsuited to the way the business operated.

The finance department began by drawing up a list of requirements for the new accounts system. Considering the many facets of the Globe (a museum, theatre, gift shop and education department, among others), it was decided that a multi-dimensional operating system was required. This would have the dual advantage of making an already complex accounting system much simpler, as well as allowing the department to compare and contrast various figures when necessary.

Once the operating system was selected, the Globe needed a company that would implement this quickly and easily. It was decided that the company in question would need to understand and respond to the ethos and services of the Globe, as well as tailor the software to suit its needs. After a little research the right company was found, and the implementation process could begin.

The main thing that the Globe is looking forward to is improved productivity and communication between departments, and no wonder. Business management software packages are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of storing and sharing information, particularly if the company in question offers multiple services to clients. Customer relations can also be dramatically improved by business management software, as the company can store and view an individual customer’s details easily, as well as tailor their service to suit the individual needs of each client.

When considering implementing new business management software, the task can initially seem quite daunting; however, with a little research and the right software package, switching to the new system can be surprisingly easy. You may also see dramatic results fast, particularly if staff are already well-trained in such software. As many businesses expand or take on a wider client base than ever before, the use of a good accounts software package is vital, especially if you’re offering a multi-dimensional service to customers. Can you afford to be left behind?