Illumine Training’s ‘Unleashing Creativity’ white paper launched

The recession may be coming to an end, but for many, the problem of how to do more with less and how to get an edge over the competition, remain as urgent as ever.
Speaking about Illumine Training’s guide to unleashing creativity at work white paper, Managing Director, Clive Lewis commented: ‘Many of the organisations we are talking to and working with are seeing clear signs that the worst of the recession is now behind us. However as they look forward, they see a competitive landscape that has changed beyond recognition and they see more clearly than ever that the thinking that made them successful in the past, is unlikely to be enough for them to thrive in the future.’ 
Windsor-based Illumine Training have been running a range of creative thinking courses since 1996, so have been around for long enough to see the subject of creative thinking go up and down organisations’ agendas. It appears to be going up again at the moment, as many organisations are keen to ensure that they power out of the recession as strongly as possible.
The guide was written to help people to understand creative thinking and to provide practical advice on how to generate and work with ideas effectively. It is available as a free download from .