Human nature looked at by TEDxAmsterdam

The human brain is a very interesting thing given the fact that it is able to power the entire body without much thought and is the real mastermind behind the huge technological triumphs that are society has manifested.  Yet, despite this fact the focus of society is stuck on technological brains that are able to power smartphones, vehicles, or other fancy devices instead of the actual human ability which is why TEDxAmsterdam has decided to theme their creative seminar ‘human nature’ to help remind people of what is responsible for our growth in the world.

TEDxAmsterdam is scheduled to take place on November 25th this year and will be held at the Stadsschouwburg Theatre.  Each of the TEDx Talks that feature top speakers will be broadcast on television so that supports of the organization and the general population can be served a gentle reminder of just what it means to be human.

To help show the creative talent that the human brain is capable of producing the organization has teamed up with WE ARE PI to create a documentary that takes a close look at ‘living brains’ and how they are best used to meet an end goal as a human.

Already available for preview, is a magnificent display of 48 dancers that come together to create an actual ‘living brain’ using just their bodies to do so.  The result is stunning and the entire minute clip is something to watch at least a few times and share with friends.  For those who enjoy the living brain, the rest of the conference will also be worth viewing as it is scheduled to feature some of the best creative minds in Amsterdam as they prove that there is more to being human than relying on other devices to do our work.