How to ensure the safe disposal of waste in your workplace

It goes without saying that confidential waste is one of the major financial risks to businesses. Finding ways to ensure the safe disposal of waste in your workplace is therefore vitally important and commercial waste disposal options are the perfect solution.

So, how can you ensure waste is disposed of safely?

Choose the right company for your waste disposal

The first step to ensuring the safety of commercial waste disposal is choosing a reputable company to handle the process for you. Thetford International commercial waste disposal is just one of the options at your disposal and offers plenty of benefits.

These include:

Secure access: limits the number of people who are able to access confidential data
Reduced volumes: lowers the amount of confidential waste
Shredded documents: increases the security of waste
Professional storage: ensures only authorised personnel can access confidential data

By choosing a responsible firm, you can ensure that your commercial waste is disposed of quickly, efficiently and affordably. They also offer eco-friendly options that reduce the amount of waste entered into landfill through the use of waste compactors and other machinery – helping you boost your green credentials.

Consider the type of waste involved 

It’s also important for you to consider the type of waste which you need to dispose of. Confidential documents must be destroyed securely to prevent data leaks or theft but other items may be able to be processed through more traditional waste disposal means.

You also need to consider whether you must keep hold of certain documentation or items for a set period of time before disposing of them. There are rules which govern this for businesses which deal with sensitive, personal data – especially that of their clients or customers.

Book regular collections

Another important consideration is to ensure that waste is disposed of regularly. Having large amounts of commercial waste sat around the workplace is not only unsightly, but also a potential hazard (whether to an individual’s health or to data security).

By booking regular waste collections you can ensure that all commercial waste is cleared from your premises quickly and efficiently. This helps to keep on top of rising waste levels and ensure that everything is disposed of securely and not left exposed to the risk of theft for long periods of time.