How to create a contemporary office space

If you want to create a contemporary look in your office, whether it be an office in your garden to large scale commercial property Victoria there are numerous ways of achieving a modern ambience that will make the office a pleasant place for both you and your staff to work in. Read on for some top tips to help you create a contemporary office space.

A neutral colour scheme

Muted colours work well in offices, where you might want the ambience to be relaxed enough for your workers to be able to concentrate on their jobs rather than be distracted by garish colours.

Stick to a single shade for the walls, or use two light hues to create a calm, relaxing effect. Opt for a darker carpet, which will help hide marks and scuffs, and fit blinds in white or another neutral colour.

Monochrome also works well in an office environment, with black and white having a timeless appeal. Add grey accessories for a modern twist on a classic look.

An organised environment

The last thing you want your office to be is cluttered, so invest in useful storage units and filing cabinets for your paperwork and stationery. Rather than conventional grey units, you might opt for something a bit more modern to liven up the office a little, while wire shelves can add a contemporary twist to your decor – attractive corner units and bays with useful boxes are ideal, take a look at some examples here.

Contemporary office spaces usually have a minimalist design, which helps to create a fluidity throughout the area and is conducive to a better working environment, so make sure that cables are routed out of the way and accessories are simple and have clean lines.

Quality furnishings

With office workers spending hours in the office each day, you’ll need to make sure the furnishings they use are good quality and ergonomic. It might be tempting to go for the most cost-effective furnishings, but if these turn out to be unsuitable or flimsy you may need to replace them sooner.

Look for a sturdy build and useful features; chairs should have a function to move up and down and be comfortably padded, while desks should offer ample legroom and holes for cables to feed through. Alternatively, you might opt for modern workstations for your office, which usually have built-in drawers and storage caddies, as well as a desk area.

Varied textures

Keeping the office colour scheme relatively basic means you can introduce a variety of textures in the area to make the office more contemporary. Consider contrasting materials, as some workstations have a combination of wood and glass elements, and you might decide to add a wooden floor rather than a carpet.

Alternative ways of creating texture include keeping some of the walls as bare brick, adding wooden panelling to walls, hanging some plush curtains and using wallpaper with a raised surface to cover some of the walls.

Modern accessories

Even the most minimalist offices usually make use of the odd accessory here and there. Try dotting plants around the space to add a natural touch to the office, or hang relevant or interesting pieces of art or posters to inspire your staff as they work.

Clocks, vases and pinboards are a few other options you might consider, and these can be ultra-modern in brushed metal or perhaps add a splash of colour if you’re keen to brighten the place up a bit.