How to build the ideal office environment

We take a tour through simple ideas for creating a great balance between work and play

When it comes to building a strong office environment – whether that office is nestled in your house or on the twentieth floor of a plexi-glass iron-plated building – there are certain principles which remain the same.

Underpinning the productive working environment is the atmosphere, the furniture and the attitude towards the work itself. All of these elements are essential considerations in building a space where individuals will be energised and excited to work.

For many of us, whether working with computers or on drawing boards, plain paper or hand-held devices, it is all about the right type of office desk. Ryman have a good range, and any large, central workspace is usually typified by a desk or table shape – so this piece of furniture is no insignificant thing. Take a look at their range by clicking the link.

Alongside considering the interior architecture of the office – separate offices? Cubicles? Huge open plan areas? – you also need to have a very careful eye on what kind of desk all this productive work is going to be done around.

Cool, raw untreated wooden tables and benches are gorgeous to look at – and perfect for a picnic – but you’ll have to consider the shape, height and comfort of such items if you are designing a trendy new office.

Will you have a lot of wires through the desk? Do you therefore need to consider having holes or gaps to accommodate them? It may be cheaper to buy several huge communal desks – but will this aid your work environment? Will it develop and stimulate your employees?

And what about lighting? This is an essential consideration. Many modern offices fail to take advantage of natural light. Many are built with huge amounts of glass and open windows – and then nullify this by utilising far too many blinds, creating dingy workspaces, which then necessitate glaring neons.

For more information on this important point read this useful article on how to achieve proper lighting in your home office.