How SMEs can save thousands in recruitment costs

Recruitment experts, MaxAd,  have launched a nationwide service saving employers up to 90% of their recruitment costs – and many hours of frustrating hassle.

Generally, companies seeking to fill a vacancy have until now faced an unenviable choice. They could pay a recruitment agency an eye-watering average fee of £6,000 or they could try posting an ad on some of the UK’s bewildering array of 500 different online job boards, only to be inundated with CVs, many unsuitable, to wade through.

According to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 86 per cent of  British businesses report that it is hard to recruit the right people for the job, while also seeking to reduce recruitment costs,

That’s where MaxAd come in. Their pioneering approach combines the benefits of recruiting via the internet with specialist agency knowledge so employers get the right people at the right price.

“We’ve revolutionised recruitment by offering employers an easy, effective one-stop shop for just £795 plus VAT,” said MaxAd founder Matthew Fernandez, who has 12 years’ experience in the recruitment industry.

“We write their ad, tailored for content, candidate appeal and maximum internet impact, then we upload it to the right online job boards selected by our software analytics. When applications come in we sift them then send a short-list to the client, who handles interviews, and we offer extra help such as advice on negotiating salary.  MaxAd is fit for purpose for today’s employers, saving them time, money and hassle. We’ve filled roles from product manager to sales execs, marketing managers to technical staff. We’ve even been asked to find a pest consultant for a UK company expanding into Germany.”