How March Broke the Bank: Global Markets Indicate Time to Invest

March has been a volatile month and not just for the financial markets. The continuing unrest in the Middle East, including the UN led intervention in Libya, has had a marked effect on oil prices and many publicly-listed enterprises, which saw their share prices rise or fall considerably during this period. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami also created huge fluctuations in the market, especially due to the rapid appreciation of the Yen against the Dollar and Pound as a result of investor speculation surrounding the carnage wrought by the disaster. As an investor, keeping track of your portfolio during such times can be problematic, but fortunately, reconciliation software is available to ensure that your company is fully aware of the latest trends in the global markets.

Reconciliation software enables bankers, hedge fund managers or any individual with shareholdings of any size to be kept fully aware of the state of the markets and of their investments. A software platform such as UnaVista, which is fully online and automated, allows an investor not only to track how their investments are performing against a pre-defined set of criteria, but it will also highlight any investments that are indicating risk and flag them up in your data.

This allows a manager or business to quickly and easily identify any potential risk and take appropriate action. Global incidents that have occurred in March this year have highlighted the need for such powerful, intuitive and real-time software to enable businesses to understand the impact of such worldwide events on their investments and to respond accordingly. The fully automated system allows the buying and selling of shares quickly and easily, even from home. Once you have received a trade confirmation, post-trade data can be shared near instantaneously via a confirmations portal, allowing businesses to pass on information quickly and easily.

Furthermore, an online service such as UnaVista also has an inbuilt transaction reporting feature that meets all current regulations regarding reporting the information from any given transaction, ensuring that the data is validated, up to date and accurate. This not only complies with the minimum standards enforced by the Financial Services Authority, but also helps your client evaluate performance which serves as an invaluable business tool.

Through the use of UnaVista, it is now much easier to identify areas of risk in your portfolio and take the relevant action and decide whether now is the time to sell, or the time to invest and taking a look at the events of the month of March, it now looks like there could be a silver lining to the tumult.

With key sectors reeling from the fallout of recent world events, this has had a knock on affect in other sectors. As the Yen continues to surge after the events in Japan, this has led to an unstable market where shares that once performed well are now at rock bottom prices. In addition, other shares are now performing very well; especially those linked to any future rebuilding effort and the combination of these factors means that March looks like a wise month to carefully invest by identifying those key markets and by using reconciliation software, doing this successfully becomes much easier.