How a fast network can boost your ecommerce site’s performance

We all know the consequences of having a poorly-running ecommerce website. People will quickly log off your site and perhaps spend their cash at your rivals’ online stores instead.

There is also the damage that could be caused to your reputation as a result of individuals not being able to purchase the products they want, when they want. Word of mouth is important, but in today’s online world, bad reviews and forum and social media posts can quickly cast a shadow over a business.

However, there are also the technical downfalls of not having an ecommerce platform that can service the needs and meet the expectations of your customers. Earlier in the year, Compuware published the findings of a survey that detailed some of the main issues online shoppers had with websites.

These include it running slowly during peak periods, its speed and availability not being consistent (even during very busy times) and generally a poor website performance. Nearly 90 per cent of those questioned said a website has to work well during periods of high traffic and around a third clearly stated they cannot tolerate site performance issues.

This is why it is important to ensure you not only use a reliable and highly-regarded ecommerce provider, but you also partner with a hosting company that delivers a consistently fast network. You might offer the best products in the world and have an attractive website that is, from a design perspective, easy and fun to navigate. But, if you do not have the technology behind it to keep your website running effectively and efficiently, all of your hard work will be ruined.

If your website runs slowly, shoppers will not be able to make full use of the features of your ecommerce platform, such as Magento Enterprise. This solution – used by more than 110,000 brands and merchants worldwide – offers powerful search capabilities through search-engine friendly URL structures and other search engine optimisation (SEO) tools.

Magento is built to support SEO from the ground up, so you can rest assured you can put your best foot forward on Google when you use the ecommerce platform for your business. However, if your ecommerce site runs slowly, consumers will not be impressed.

Google also charges organisations more for pay-per-click keywords if the page they are on is slow. This extra expense is both annoying and unnecessary, but there is a way to avoid it. Select a fast network that delivers low latency, and your website will experience fewer hops between networks. This will boost the speed of your page loads and lower the cost of the Google AdWords service.

The search engine giant also pushes website pages lower down its rankings if they load below expected speeds. You will want your ecommerce site to be as visible as possible in Google, especially if you offer a niche product or service, or if you are a small or medium-sized firm that does not have as much brand recognition as your larger counterparts.

By using a reliable hosting company with a fast network that they preferably own themselves, your website can get into Google’s good books and increase its visibility among potential customers.