Have a clearout to make more space in the office

More often than not in a busy office one day melts into the next and you’re lucky if you get a moment with the kettle let alone a vacuum cleaner. Thats why you’d be forgiven for thinking that the last thing we’d advise would be to stop everything and have a good old fashioned clear out. You’ll be be surprised of the benefits though.

Every office has them- those rows of old filing cabinets full of paperwork you don’t need, obsolete PCs, printers and fax machines long since confined to a corner with broken chairs and last years’ Christmas party decorations. While they may not bother you day to day, taking the time to clear out all this junk can make a real difference to the atmosphere in your office. It can even work for you financially- straight away. Scrap metal companies pay cash up front for your unwanted furniture (just make sure they’re reputable) and there are dedicated services that will offer you good money for your old PC hardware or mobile phones.

So turn the computers off for a while, disconnect the phones and get in touch with the cheapest skip hire company you can find. Ridding yourself of all the clutter can be a cathartic, team-building activity which will certainly alter the way you view and think of the space you work in. We all do it at home but its amazing how long many businesses can go on without having a spring clean.

The obvious benefits of clearing out the office are manifest immediately. You will become more efficent as a business with less time wasted looking for something buried under a pile of old papers. More space to spread out and frequently more light coming in to the building can often produce surprising effects on individuals.

Health-wise too a clean, hygienic workplace is better for everyone.

Experts agree that a well organised work environment results in greater productivity, increased profits and happier, healthier staff. The psychological effects of working in a disorganised office can slow down our mental faculties and lead to a lack of morale and a dilapidation. Freeing up and uncluttering our physical circumstances will literally have the same affect on our brains. Greater space creates a more relaxed, comfortable working environment and aids creative thinking.

You will also project a more professional image to your clients. We may not all be able to have the plush surrounding of your average New York ad agency but aspiring to a more professional aesthetic in your surroundings will indicate a professional approach to your particular field. The benefits of a good office clearout are myriad, give it a try, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve got to lose!