Guide to Directors and Liabilities Insurance

When it comes to insurance companies AIG are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to specialist business insurances. With 40 years worth of experience under their belt, and enviable global franchise and their uncanny ability for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to business insurance there really is no better company to go to when it comes to matters in the business world.

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By now you are bound to have seen their great new video for a product the business world has been crying out for; top end directors and officers liabilities insurance. This won’t mean much to the ordinary people on the street but to those in the know they realise just how crucial this policy could be in light of the huge increase in claims being made against directors, officers and other senior members of staff.

AIG have their finger on the pulse and appreciate exactly what is at stake when claims are made against companies in today’s cut throat world.  Make no mistake, D&O is a serious business, so who better to go to when so much is at stake?  There new level of cover in directors and officers liabilities insurance has been created in direct response to the aforementioned rise in claims against both directors and offers and offers a level of cover never seen before in this sector.

The new AIG D&O cover is fully responsive in that every claim made against one of their commercial institution clients brings with a fresh limit. This effectively means that regardless of how many claims a company has on their policy.  The cover also allows proactive actions to be taken to head off any potential claims against directors or officers. After you have read this and watched the video head off to the AIG website on full details on why you really can’t afford not to have this policy.