Green Deal welcomed by FSB

The FSB (Federation of Small Business) welcomed new plans for a Green Deal as outlined by Chris Huhne the Energy Secretary this week but warned that the new scheme should be carefully designed so that small businesses do not suffer.

Huhne stated that the Green Deal will go in front of the Parliament before the year closes and will helps SMEs and homeowners reduce the amount of money they spend monthly on their energy bills.  He added that it will also create thousands of new job opportunities in the green sector.

The UK has about 4.8 million SMEs and the new initiative that is geared at a ‘pay as you save’ goal will help firms to get the loans they need so that they can invest in more energy efficient equipment and slowly pay back the loans as they start to save on their monthly energy bills.  All of the upfront costs will be part of the energy meter attached to the building so that businesses are no longer responsible for any loan payments when they sell or leave a building.

Environment Committee chairman for the FSB David Caro stated that the news that the Government is looking at ways for SMEs to make their premises more green friendly is great news because it not only creates new jobs but also recognizes the fact that one reason small firms have not taken similar steps on their own is because they do not have enough working capital to do so.