Government relying on beleaguered SME’s to rebuild economy

SMEs in the UK seem to be in a beleaguered situation, what with the government counting on them to restore the economy to the fast track but with many a small business owner unable to get the funds needed to start up or grow a business. It’s a long and rocky road to success for the great majority of new, small business, but here’s something that may smooth the way, at least in one sense.

Starting in April, Jaguar will be purring at the doorsteps of SMEs with vehicles and leasing programs specially designed for the SME market (which may suddenly have a growth spurt as this program unfolds).

Jaguar’s UK sales director, David Lewis, handles retail and corporate sales, and he says the company has focused too much on private sales. He has instigated a re-training program to educate all of Jaguar’s 90 dealers in the fine points of the SME market and its requirements.

Lewis says that it’s not that businessmen don’t shop for Jaguars, it’s that the company has heretofore dealt with them on a corporate basis. He says the new approach will be more personal and appeal to the typical SME owner, who is almost by definition an entrepreneur and an individualist.

One thing SMEs may be looking for is an attractive leasing package; there is little doubt that the vehicle would clinch the deal if it’s one of Jaguar’s new line of ‘business models’. That’s what Jaguar will be presenting; two new Jaguars based on the XF 2.2 diesel – the XF SE Business model and the XF Sports model.

Mr. Lewis says the latest indication is that the higher powered Sport version is sweeping the field as far as SME owners are concerned – even though it doesn’t lead the field in CO2 emission tax breaks.