Government buildings to be used for renting to business

Many government buildings are sat idling and the Government is moving to sell them if possible. Where this is not possible, they are announcing that they will be available on single year leases, at low rates, to businesses. The Prime Minister said that they have office space available and that it will be made available to those who can use it; to match capacity with need.

There are more than 300 buildings owned by the Government that are not currently in use. It will be up to the tax-payer to subsidise the cheap leases, available only to smaller firms. A specialist organisation will be set up in order to both manage and to allocate the available space.

David Cameron is encouraging people to start up their own businesses in an attempt to kick-start the ailing economy. This is just the most recent step in the “Business in Everyone” initiative. Possible entrepreneurs are to be encouraged via tutorials, seminars and workshops, in a variety of free services provided by the government to small and medium enterprises.

This “Business in Everyone” campaign is being backed by many organisations as well as the Government, such as the FSB, Startup Britain, CBI and the Social Enterprise Coalition.