Going Green: Making your Business Environmentally Friendly

There is one basic reason why taking care of the planet matters: we all live in it. Going green guarantees not only a better tomorrow, but also helps us build a better today. It is also good for business.

In the past being eco-friendly was considered expensive but these days it has become very affordable. This makes it easy for your business to contribute to taking care of this little blue marble we call Earth.

As Paperless as You Can

The paperless office is one of those great ideas that can be difficult to accomplish. Perhaps you need a contract printed out for legal reasons, or there is official document which you need to retain a hard copy of.

If you are going to print something out, it is about using the right kind of paper. The recycling symbol on the box is not a guarantee that the paper is eco-friendly, as there is no governing body in charge of it.

Instead, look for the letters “PCW”. This stands for “post-consumer waste”, meaning that the paper has already been recycled and can be recycled again. Manufacturing this product requires 45% less energy and creates only half the waste of more traditional types of paper. The label “PCW” is a guarantee that you are using the most eco-friendly option. These products also tend to be cheaper, so you can do your part for the environment while cutting your own costs.

Lighting and Electricity

Lighting is also an area where you can make a change. Standard incandescent bulbs and most fluorescent light bulbs consume more energy than they need to.

Consider changing to compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights. In the beginning this may seem more expensive, as they do have a higher sticker price, but over time you will find that they can save you hundreds of pounds on your electric bill. It is an investment worth making for your company and for the planet.

Updated Equipment

Got any old office equipment? Maybe a copy machine that is close to its 20th anniversary with your company?

Energy regulations for electronics have changed a great deal over the years, and newer equipment is now more efficient in virtually every way. Replace any old office equipment with its newer counterpart and you will not only get better performance out of them, you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Modifications to Logistics

If you need to ship your product, then consider moving to pallet shipping. This is not only a great way to get your product in the hands of your clients and retail partners, it is also friendly for the environment.

Plastic pallets can be recycled over and over again, and wooden pallets are not only recyclable but entirely biodegradable. It is a great alternative and can help you streamline the way your supply chain operates while doing your bit for the environment.


There was a time when physical presence in the office every day was necessary. However, with the internet that has changed and many tasks can be accomplished from your home.

If possible, consider implementing a telecommuting day to allow employees to work from home every now and then. Not only will your staff appreciate the chance to stay home it will also reduce their car usage, at least for a day. Your company will be doing its part for cleaner air.

Going green requires everyone’s support. Although your contribution may seem small, in the larger scheme of things you really can do your part to help us achieve a greener planet.