Global Business leaders look to give away over 1 million copies of their new book

Economists around the globe agree that the economies in the west hit hardest by the recession that included most of Europe and the US are not likely to see any significant improvement to their economies for over the next three years.

One barrier to the recover is the ability to borrow and that was always the way western economies were able to recover on a more rapid basis so therefore the recovery will be based on the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of business leaders and some creative and strategic management.

The new book series by itself will not be the only answer to economic problems but The Business Leader Book Club series has garnered a great deal of attention from the business community. There are personal and unique generations of business leaders with proven concepts that work.

The book was brought to us by Mark Stephens a business owner form UK’s F10 group who was attempting to find new and creative ways to attract people to their social website Ask The Experts. Subsequently that was what led to the development of a platform for ecommerce where hundreds of practical lifestyle and business type books can be downloaded by members free and the series’ first book Lessons Learned from the Recession is now available for download in the ebook Library.

The powerful book and its uniqueness provides personal insights from 60 business leaders and the key decisions they had to make when facing the recession. Upon reflection they believe these particular decisions were the most effective and critical actions that allowed their business to get through the recession and thrive while the world was still amidst its worst global economic downturn in memory.

He went on to say that “although this was supposed to have been a marketing exercise for the Social Multimedia site, there has been so much interest in developing a series of books that we have formed a small team to work specifically on this project. I have to say that, although this was a massive learning exercise, I have been inspired and energized by the group of people who have contributed and I am sure that will be the reaction of most people who read the book.

There are 60 unique chapters in this book that will provide you with an abundance of practical ideas that will help your business grow and succeed.”

Having spoken with a number of the contributors in the book, it is evident that there was a common feeling amongst them that they felt good about being able to share what had worked for them alongside others in a free book and in some way “give something back”. There was also general feeling amongst them that getting this book together was a great achievement in itself, as they were all such busy people and hard to pin down, but felt that the outcome was very pleasing to see.

Mark Stephens summed up his thoughts, “ I usually find my inspiration from others actions, so I did this for myself as much as anything, I just wish that I could have read it 4 years ago”!

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“This book provides valuable advice from business owners who have been on the front line and know the challenges of starting or running a business.” James Caan, Hamilton Bradshaw & Dragons Den.

“The Business Leader’s Book Club offers something that most so-called business books don’t: real lessons, from real executives, facing real challenges in this tumultuous age. This series is your chance to sit down with and learn from some of the sharpest practitioners in business today. Don’t miss it”. Steve Farber, President, Extreme Leadership, Inc.  Bestselling author of The Radical Leap Re-Energized and Greater Than Yourself

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