Get Britain Trading

Small businesses would be better able to increase their businesses if the government would do something positive about the complicated taxes and reduce the cost of utilities and fuel. Get Britain Trading is the Forum of Private Business’ way of giving the issues that face SME’s a higher public profile.

With reductions striking out at public funding, the coalition government is depending on the private sector to pump up the growth. However, inflation’s jump to 4% and the assistance of unemployment at 2.5 million, provides a ripe time for the FPB to make the request on the government’s assistance to SME’s.

CEO of the FPB, Phil Orford, explained that the FPB is set on helping business in their success, but he claims that they have little chance without the government taking some form of action to assist.

He explained, “This project will change the small business scene in Britain, but more importantly it may succeed in liberating SME’s from the bonds of red tape, an unfathomably complicated tax system, not to mention the plethora of additional obstacles to operating a small business in the UK.”