Furnishing your brand new office?

There are many ways to approach furnishing a new office, and there is more choice of quality furniture and fittings than there has ever been. One thing that people sometimes overlook when planning an office is the importance of the personal touch.  If you are working from a home office you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there.  Even if it’s only getting occasional use, it needs to be a space that’s relaxing and comfortable, a space where it’s easy to focus on the tasks at hand.

For this reason, the ideal office will reflect the personality of the person using it.  Some prefer a traditional approach, with hardwood furniture and leather chairs, whilst others do best in a chic, modern space with sleek furniture in glass and chrome, alongside some stylish black sofas.  Bright colours like orange or lime green can energise a plain room, and cool blues are good for aiding concentration.

Practical choices

Home offices come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some only have room for a desk and a chair, but where there is more space it’s important to make the most of it.

The first thing to determine about the office is how it is going to be used.  Will it just be for private work or will meetings be held there?  If the latter applies, at least an extra chair will be needed, and a table will be very useful.  It is also well worth investing in comfortable seats or sofas for guests so they’re fully at ease during business discussions.

A comfortable chair is also important for working. As it gets a lot of use it’s worth investing in good quality to get something reliable that won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

The other really important thing to consider is storage.  A good desk with lots of drawers (preferably including a lockable one) is a good start.  Filing cabinets are also very useful and don’t need to be dull – these days they can be found in many colours and finishes, whilst traditional wooden ones are also an option.  If space is limited, an ottoman can double as both a seat and a storage space.

Functionality and pleasure

The range of options now available for home offices means there is no need to choose between functionality and pleasure.  An attractive and comfortable office space makes for more efficient work, so that should always be the design goal.

One of the most important things in any workspace is plenty of light.  Switching from curtains to venetian blinds is a good way to control the light from windows and to get a professional look.  An easily adjustable desk lamp is a must, as well as a good overhead light.  Some people find that full spectrum lights help them avoid feeling low if spending a lot of time in the office during the winter months.  Finally, adding plants can brighten up the room and has been shown to improve mood.

A carefully planned office space put together with a consistent sense of style will always make an impression on visitors.  What’s more, it will be a pleasure to work in.