FSB wants to get kids into employment

It is believed that small firms might be aided by the government and through this help the economic recovery. They might do this by removing some of the blockades to both growth and employment.

The Con-Lib coalition is responsible to improve their support of small businesses taking in new apprentices, says the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

This group thinks that the smallest businesses should be motivated through incentives to give youth jobs. One way this could happen is by increasing the money that would go toward the program. More than a third of businesses agreed this would help them feel motivated to expand their employment opportunities.
In April this year the ‘Time to Train’ law is set to be enforced. The smaller firms ought to be given exemption from it, so they might hire more employees, proving that Britain is ahead of the pack.

National Chair of the Lobby Group, John Walker, said, “Small businesses place great value in apprentices. When will the government wake up to the fact that their laws inhibit employment expansion along with ignorance and lack of proper advice. This is what is hindering the apprenticeship program.”

“November proved to us that now is the time to act. Well over 950,000 of people under the age of 25 were unemployed.” He also indicated that when budget constrains a business, few of them have the wherewith-all to hire more employees.

“Now you know the reason we are pushing for continued flow of monies to the smallest businesses,” he said.