FSB wants expansion of Work Trials programme

The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) has asked the government to expand the Work Trials programme as it will be able to help create near 50,000 new jobs. Unemployment is close to two and a half million in the UK and over one and a half million of those have been out of work for over a year.

Work trials are a system where people who have been on Job Seekers Allowance for more than six months can volunteer at a job before taking on a permanent role. A survey by the FSB has found that nearly a quarter of small businesses think that the Work Trials programme acts as an additional reason for small companies to take on staff.

The FSB wants to see the work trial programme extended so that people are able to take this volunteer jobs from the first day they claim Job Seekers Allowance. It is this expansion that they believe can create the extra jobs.

Work trails have many benefits as volunteers can gain valuable work skills while employers get to test out whether they want to take on a new employee. The statistics say that half of all people who take these work placements convert them into permanent jobs.

The chairman of the FSB, John Walker has said, “With the economy in the state it is, small businesses are finding it harder to take on staff and when they do it is unlikely they would employ someone who has been unemployed for a long time. The work trial system means these people can gain work skills and increase there chances of future employment. It encourages small businesses to take on new staff and grow.” Mr Walker has also praised the simplicity of the system in his urging for its expansion.