FSB regional finance event

The Federation of Small Businesses has organised an event where finance experts will be giving advice to small business owners so they can get inside information about the funding available to them on a regional level. A major financial boost to companies can be in the form of tax credits and this event will also inform small business owners how to make the most of these.

South Tyne and Wear chairman is Jim Storey, he is the one who has organised the event and has said, “Many small business owners are not sure where to turn to to find additionally funding when they cannot find affordable finance from a bank. This meeting is going to give them information on how to find funding outside the major routes. It will cover the micro loan system as well as other similar options. Many of these different loans are confusing and this meeting will help to alleviate some of that confusion.”

He went onto comment about tax credits saying, “Many businesses write them off too easily, assuming they are only available in certain industries. The credits are for research and development and the definition of this is very very wide. It is our hope that a great many people will come to this meeting as it will probably give them a good bit of advice on how to get a financial advantage.” The meeting shall take place on Monday, September 12th at the Sea Hotel in South Shields.