FSB not happy with Welsh Assembly plans

The Federation of Small Business is deeply worried over the Labour’s Assembly Election Manifesto. Their anxiety stems from the lack of concern for small businesses, as reflected in the manifesto.
The Small Business Fortnight bulletin examines the pledges of four parties and the FSB expressed grave disconcert that Labour’s manifesto treated the economy as unimportant. Labour disagrees with FSB’s criticism, indicating that their manifesto is filled with concern and plans to assist small and medium enterprises (SME).
In the end, the FSB applauded each party’s policies as reflecting many of the suggestions FSB had submitted. “We are vexed that Labour has placed special emphasis on large companies and disregarded SME’s. Everyone should be deeply worried that the economy does not place in the top five for them either.”
Labour countered this, “Our plan states that we are dedicated to placing broadband in the hands of all businesses by 2015. We are also planning a special business crime task force to support SME’s. So our support for SME’s speaks for itself.”
“Many Welsh SME’s are benefiting from Welsh Labour’s plan for business rate relief. They are being removed from the paying rates.”