FSB and Mind offer small business guidance

In an attempt to help small businesses manage well being and mental health of their workforce, Mind and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) are teaming together to publish guidance. Over 15% of British workers annually are affected by conditions like anxiety, stress and depression and the cost to businesses can exceed £26 billion annually.

The published guidance will include show how to make cost effective and some non-bureaucratic adjustments that will help the staffs well being and of course, save money. Since small businesses are flexible for example; over 47% have part time staff, almost 30% have flexible hour staff and 27% have home based staff.

Small firms, those employing less than 49 people represent 99% of all businesses in the UK of which FSB says that the smallest firms, those with 10 or fewer employees, 33% work part time while less than 15% of those in big business only work part time.

The FSB with Mind have adapted the existing guide and have given non-burdensome and common sense advice to small business owners to help manage mental health in the workplace.

Their guidance recommends include; seeing what adjustments may be needed in the workplace by talking to employees, with peer support and regular catch-ups promote a supportive environment help support the role of the employee by initiating an informal mentoring scheme and including the employee, where possible in the planning of the workload.

The guide suggests, even though small business has a great relationship with their employees, ways to increase employee performance, save the business money, all the while increasing productivity this because the small business environment is so flexible and so much like a family unit.