Free business banking is a boon to every company

The vast majority of us have a bank account. This may be just a basic account with a card you can use at the ATM, or a current account with a debit card, or even one of the all singing all dancing accounts which offers you a credit card, an overdraft and for a monthly fee various insurances for phones, contents, travel etc. They are all pretty simple to manage and use, yet there is a general consensus that a business bank account is costly, hard to understand and a nightmare to manage.

While this may be true in some cases, there are great free business accounts out there, if you know where to look. If you have a look at Lloyds TSB, you will see the many benefits that come with free business banking from this high street giant. These are the kind of perks that other banks will charge you for, but as Lloyds are fully supportive of fledgling businesses and go all out to help them succeed; their business accounts will cost you nothing.

The business banking packages for start ups offer day to day banking free of charge for 18 months, the most crucial time for any business. You also get full support and backing from your designated relationship manager as well as free planning for the use of the excellent business software offered by Sage. You will also get a free, no obligation 90 day trial of the Sage software for start ups, and if you decide to continue with it you get 50% of the usual subscription for the first 12 months, and all you have to do is open a Lloyds TSB business account.

There are also perks for those unhappy with their current business accounts and looking to switch. Those who make the move, and have an annual turnover of £125,000 will get 6 months worth of free, day to day banking. A specialist team will handle the switch over to relieve you of any of the hassle that comes from changing bank accounts, and they are so confident of their ability to do this that they back it up with a £50 cash back guarantee if everything does not go completely smoothly.

If you believe everything you hear in the press, then loans for business purposes are very thin on the ground, and those which are available have such a strict criteria that they are virtually impossible to get. There is more financing available for new businesses than many realise, and with the service offered by Lloyds TSB, you can be sure that you are applying for the best financial product to suit your specific needs.

Knowing you have in your corner the support you need to give you the best chance of success is the stuff dreams are made of, and by having a business account and access to funding will make you sleep a lot easier at night. With times being tough and competition more fierce than ever before, having the best possible account gives you a head start in more ways than one.