Foehn’s New Buyers Guide to Cloud Phone Systems for SMBs

With more companies switching out their traditional telephone system in favour of a modern cloud based alternative, Foehn has produced a free and downloadable Buyers Guide for small and medium size businesses that are growing and considering a cloud phone system.

The 2nd instalment of the Buyer’s Guide series – Cloud Phone Systems for Growing Businesses – sets out why traditional business phone systems limit a company’s ability to grow as quickly and easily as they would like and explains how companies can take more control of the management and administration of their communications. The Guide also focuses on the business trends in 2016 that will shape decisions about what type of cloud phone system to buy and provides top tips and considerations for businesses.

“The phone system is one of the first resources a company will need to invest in but when the business starts to expand it often finds that it has quickly outgrown its first choice,” says Rafael Cortes, Head of Marketing for Foehn. “The problem for many companies is that they just don’t have control of their phone system, relying instead on their telephony provider to make changes that take time and cost money.

“For SMBs (Small and Medium size Businesses) that are growing, the cloud alternative provides them with far more control and flexibility as well as the ability to scale quickly and without added costs. The Buyers Guide outlines the business benefits of a cloud phone system for SMBs and explains how cloud telephony can work in a unified way with other existing and newer communications channels, such as a company’s website and social media.”

Released in January, the Guide details several anticipated business trends in 2016 and maps out how a company’s telephone system can be used to take advantage of them. These include greater insights into staff performance and customer behaviour through business analytics, the convergence of technologies to provide a more unified experience for customers and greater proactivity and improved response times by businesses.

The Guide is the second instalment in a series of Buyers Guides to Cloud Telephony by Foehn. Designed to help businesses become more aware of what they need to consider before choosing a cloud phone system, the Guides offer useful tips so they can make more informed decisions about their future business communications.