Foehn launches ‘Flat Fee’ Hosted Telephony

Ah!Media sales up by 10% due to pay-as-you-grow solution

Foehn, the communications and IP networks specialist has announced the launch its new hosted telephone platform. This allows business’ to rent a telephony service on a per head per monthly basis. The announcement follows the completion of comprehensive trial the company has held with the agency Ah!Media. The installation of Foehn’s services led to a 10% increase of sales thanks to the call monitoring and recording functionality.

Foehn have launched their flat fee for all service in response to the market’s demand for a low cost communications service which is cloud based. It is the only hosted telephony platform that offers a flat fee per user per month, and gives all the features as opposed to an upfront investment. The only additional charge is for recording calls.

James Passingham, the founder of Foehn and the company’s CEO, says that both small and medium businesses are at the stage where they are adopting cloud bases services. He also said that traditionally there has been a slower uptake on telephony services as it isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when company’s consider the move to a cloud.

He added that this is changing quickly, and it just didn’t make sense for small businesses or home workers to invest a large amount of capital upfront and have the on-going maintenance costs that come with an online central telephony system. He concluded that customers now had an alternative and didn’t have to guess at their future telephony needs.

Commenting on the timing of this launch he added: “Developing our own proprietary solution for hosted telephony wasn’t the problem. We’ve been building complex customer phone systems for all manner of businesses for many years. It was really a question of maintaining the right level of connectivity and of course sufficient market demand. We’re delighted the service is already paying dividends to customers like Ah!Media.”

Ah!Media has been using Foehn’s hosted telephony service for over six months to enhance working practices and improve customer service. Fahran Ahmed, managing director of the London based media agency, explains its decision. “Having enterprise-size clients such as Hitachi means we need a robust IT and telephone system, both in terms of reliability and meeting delivery and service satisfaction levels. Foehn’s solution offers us specific call features like call monitoring without the big-ticket call centre prices. We didn’t need to pay up front for 100-150 extensions we didn’t need. It allowed us to start small and scale up as we needed. And as it’s all hosted offsite, we didn’t have to worry about hardware costs either.”

He added: “We manage a number of high profile b2b conferences like the Healthcare Strategy Forum. Foehn customised the telephony platform for us so we had the ability to listen in and record calls, with the customer’s permission.  This has really made a difference to our customer interactions and staff training. Now if we hear a telesales agent call going in the wrong direction we can step in to help steer it back on track. Our analysis since the system was installed tells us that this ability to monitor and intervene alone has really increased outbound sales”

Foehn’s hosted telephony service includes all features such as voicemail, conferencing and automatic call distribution as part of the monthly flat fee. Clients connect to Foehn’s hosted telephony service over secure internet to a portal that gives them access to change settings themselves – such as adding new extensions, setting up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages and routes and setting up out-of-office settings. An added benefit of a hosted system connected using VoIP is that employees can make free calls to one another regardless of their location (from a landline).  Foehn uses Polycom hard phones and Counterpath’s Bria softphones as part of its service.