Finding Your Feet with Serviced Offices

How do others see your business? Do they look at your website and see a home address, or pass you over because your office is too far away or hard to reach? Serviced office space in Glasgow, Manchester or Leeds can make a lot of sense for companies keen to minimize their outgoings whist still being able to provide the excellent level of service and professional look that their customers expect. Here are five reasons why making the move to a serviced office could be the right decision for your company:
Streamlining Monthly Outgoings
Serviced offices generally work under the principle that one monthly bill covers every expense, saving you time and money as you will no longer have to pay separately for things like power, cleaning or security arrangements.


Moving into a serviced office means that rental terms will generally be shorter, with some locations offering space for as little as two months at a time, allowing you to start work quickly and not have to worry about any potential negative outcomes should you need to move in the near future.

Lower Maintenance Costs

A key benefit of serviced office space is that any maintenance issues will be resolved quickly and professionally without any additional cost to you.
Access to Equipment
Most workspaces will offer access to up-to-date telephone systems, fast internet access, and well maintained audio-visual equipment such as DVD players and projectors.

Mailing Services

Being able to arrange for the collection and delivery of packages whilst you are away can prove a massive benefit if you or your staff are ever out of the office.

Having a designated address in a city centre, normally real estate which is too expensive for new or small businesses, can be a good step towards increasing the reach of your business and building towards success.

Ellie Simons is a Glasgow-based business consultant who helps struggling small businesses get on their feet.