Finding the right solicitor for your accident claim

Many people every year are injured in an accident at work, or a road traffic accident, or suffer injuries from another source that they are not to blame for. At one time we would just shrug our shoulders and get on with things, under the general premise that accidents happen. Not now, however, as we have followed our American cousins in becoming a nation that is ‘compo crazy’, meaning that whoever is to blame for anything we are suing them for compensation.

If the above scenario has happened to you and you intend taking it further, then the first step is finding yourself an accident claims solicitor. These are exactly as their name suggests and they specialise in making a claim for an accident on your behalf, more often than not on a no win no fee basis. This is a way of claiming that has become hugely popular over the past few years, and it was introduced to allow anyone, whatever their financial status, to make a claim.

It’s a very simply premise; the solicitor will make the claim, tell you what the expected payout is then, if you win, he takes his commission out of your compensation. If you lose, you pay nothing, and the beauty of this is that these people are experts, and tend not to take on a case they do not think you can win, so if a personal injury solicitor takes on your case, chances are he thinks you, and him, are onto a winner.

There is certainly no shortage of them, and you are bound to have seen the many adverts on TV and elsewhere for these solicitors. They are across the length and breadth of the country so if, for example, you do a search for personal injury solicitor Milton Keynes, tracking one down close to home takes no time. Do your research first however, as many have taken on the first solicitor they have found and wasted their time while he pussy-footed about the legal system.

As there is a time limit on these claims the last thing you want to do is take up a huge chunk by employing a greedy solicitor who has taken on more cases than he can handle and is floundering. Have a look online for reviews of the solicitors, and try to go for a firm that specialise in accident claims and don’t just have one person out of a dozen who deals with this area of the law.

Don’t be put off seeking out one of these solicitors because your accident was silly, such as tripping or falling. This kind of claim make up a large proportion of accidents claims in the UK at the moment, and if you have tripped you can help your cause by taking photos of where you fell and having full details of any treatment you had to have as a result of it and if you were hospitalised or not. Be honest with your solicitor, work with him, and as working as a team you have the best chance of success and a nice little compensation pay out winging its way into your bank account.