Finding the right motorcycle insurance for your business

Picking out the right motorcycle insurance policy for your own personal needs can be difficult enough, but if you need to find insurance cover suitable for a business the choices you make become even more important. Taking a little bit of time to research the options will prove useful in the long-run, because while keeping costs as low as possible is always a priority for any business, there are plenty of other factors that must be taken into consideration.

The first decision to make is whether to go for a catch-all insurance provider or one that specialises in selling motorcycle insurance. While the all-in-one insurance providers may be well-known, the advantages of choosing a company that focuses on bikes are obvious. For a start you’ll be dealing with people who have expert knowledge in the area, which brings with it improved service. More importantly however, you’ll find insurance products that have been designed with the unique needs of bikes and bikers in mind.

Regardless of whether you choose a specialist motorcycle insurance provider or not though, there are some things you’ll need to make sure of either way. Most importantly, you’ll want to be confident that in the unfortunate event you have to make an insurance claim you can do so quickly and easily. Having access to a British based call centre 24 hours a day and 365 days a year so you’re able to make a claim is a good start – and giving them a test-call to see how quickly you’re likely to get an answer might also be a good idea.

If you’re searching for business insurance it’s more than likely you’ll have more than one bike to insure. While pretty much every provider will be able to offer better rates to someone taking out multiple insurance policies, if you shop around you’ll see that some providers offer beat deals than others that could end up saving you a small fortune.

Once you’ve got the essentials out of the way you can begin to think about the extras, such as breakdown cover or access to a courtesy vehicle if yours is taken away for repairs. Of course, extras cost more, so you’ll need to make judgements about what extras could turn out to be a real help and which ones will just be a waste of money.

While tracking down the best insurance policy available is few people’s idea of a good time, if motorcycles are important to your business you’ll understand why it’s essential to make sure they’re protected. Take the time now to find the right coverage and you’ll be able to rest a lot easier when things don’t go to plan in the future.

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