FashionTradeWeb Launched To Replenish Online Retailers

Leading clothing management software company, i.level software, has announced the launch of FashionTradeWeb to allow clothing retailers to quickly order more stock for their stores by simply putting their orders into the stock system of major fashion brands.

The webstore is a medium for business to business operations to take place and allows fashion brands to offer future and current lines to fashion retailers within a secure password protected server. Retailers can then choose which lines they want to order and immediately receive their order from the stock system of the fashion brand. This decreases the time it takes to get from stock to shelves.

The advantages are multi-fold. Firstly, high street retailers can replenish their stock rapidly and track all orders from beginning to end. This allows for quicker and smarter merchandising as well as improved cash flow and retail margins.

Secondly, FashionTradeWeb offers a new sales channel for fashion brands that allows dynamic ordering straight into a brand’s stock system, ensuring that available stock is sold and dispatched quickly.

Thirdly, FashionTradeWeb guarantees that fashion brands retain full control over who sees prices and who can browse their lines. This safeguards the marketing and pricing strategy of the fashion brand at all times.

Leif Roenn, CEO of i.level software and founder of FashionTradeWeb, says: “FashionTradeWeb improves the entire fashion wholesale ordering process because it is the UK’s only off-the-shelf wholesale webstore that is directly linked into a brand’s existing stock inventory system. This makes the process of retail replenishment quick and seamless as well as minimising errors.”

Leif continues: “Retailers simply click on a fashion item they require and the order is reserved and dispatched immediately, with the fashion brand’s stock control system automatically updated in the process. Even better, retailers can track the progress of their orders giving them security and peace of mind that their order is being processed swiftly.”

Participation in FashionTradeWeb will be priced on a sliding scale that makes the new sales channel attractive to both small and larger fashion brands.

FashionTradeWeb can be found at