Family Wars by Grant Gordon and Nigel Nicholson – New book about famous family business feuds

Many of the world’s greatest businesses are family owned, but with this comes the threat of family feuding, sibling rivalries and petty jealousies. Family Wars, by Grant Gordon and Nigel Nicholson, is the dramatic story of the feuds and bust-ups that have threatened some of the world’s greatest businesses. It takes you behind the scenes on a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of companies such as Guchi, Ford, Gallo, Guiness and Pathak, showing how infighting has threatened to bring about their downfall.
‘Some of the most lurid business feuds of the 20th Century and their (usually) sorry aftermath…fascinating’
The Observer
‘The virtue of Family Wars is that it entertains through schadenfreude’
Financial Times
‘Rather than throwing up their hands in despair, the authors have come up with some principles for – if not avoiding – dealing with conflict when it arises’
The Independent

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