European SME Week 2010

Vice President Antonio Tajani has launched European SME Week 2010 today in Brussels in an effort to support and promote entrepreneurship.  It is expected that three million people will attend and participate in the events that are scheduled in over 37 different countries within Europe.

The event will showcase support for start-up businesses across the country on a local, national, European, and regional level.

Throughout the 1261 events micro-firms and SMEs can share tips and experiences that have helped them develop their business.  A special side focus will be on the perspective of entrepreneurship in terms of a career option especially for those that are younger in age.

Also throughout the week some countries will have open company days which are aimed at offering full insight into the rewards that come with running a business and the challenges that may also be present.

This week in Brussels the winners of the European Entrepreneurship Video Award in 2010 will be honoured with the Vice President of the European Commission, Antonio Tajani stating that SMEs create many jobs across Europe.

Tajani also stated that in the wake of the recovery the European needs a jump start more than ever and comprehensive support both in business and via public policy is vital.

Due to the occurrence of the economic crisis that began in 2008, the fast development of SMEs came to a rushing halt.  Previous to the recovery from 2002 up to 2008, SMEs within the EU drove the growth of job opportunities within the country.