ERC expected to work with SMEs to boost economy

The Enterprise Research Centre (ERC), is expected to play a major part of the new government policy, as well as making a contribution to the start-up and existing SMEs that will lead to the resurgence of the economy of UK, a Professor said recently.

According to the Professor of Enterprise at Warwick Business School, Stephen Roper, the ERC will be a great boost to UK’s SMEs, which is suffering because of the declining market conditions. Moreover, he said that the market economy is becoming a threat to the investors, causing them to be unwilling to invest in the future.

Professor Roper and his group know that those SMEs will be the cause of growth as it will generate more jobs around the world. They are expecting that development will lead to getting better support from financiers and training groups in UK.

In addition, he said that with the ERC, they are looking forward to help the firms come up with better growth objectives and more effective management styles. They will also try to fix both the external and internal things in order to exploit the worth of SMEs in the economy of UK.

The said centre was inaugurated yesterday at the Warwick Business School, and its goal is to come up with facts and research that will improve the performance of the state’s existing companies. The ERC had three years of fund raising from the Economic and Social Research Council, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and British Bankers Association.

The innovative ERC was steered by Aston Business School and Warwick Business School, who will work hand in hand with Strathclyde, Birmingham and De Montfort, Imperial College Business School, and Strathclyde for a more effective management.

It was established in the Western Midlands because according to Professor Roper, it will be advantageous since the companies involved in manufacturing are located in the said site. These companies are expected to bring more exports from UK in the years to come.