Entrepreneurs Organisation awards

Standard Chartered Private Bank and the Entrepreneurs Organisation have developed a special award for entrepreneurs who are not only successful at running their own enterprises, but who are active in helping other progressing entrepreneurs along the way.

The award will be called, The Entrepreneur All Rounder.  Applicants will have to prove that they are not only successful in their own business endeavours, but will also have to demonstrate a passion and ability to build the community of entrepreneurs in the UK.

The Entrepreneurs Organisation consists of business entrepreneurs from around the world who run operations making £650,000 a year or more.

Representatives of the Entrepreneurs Organisation in the UK said that they believe entrepreneurs will drive the engine of recovery for the country and in giving this reward they are looking not only for businesspeople who demonstrate experience in creating an increase of market share, spear-heading rapid growth, and demonstrating excellent customer service, but individuals who can lead other entrepreneurs to do the same.

The idea and commitment of sharing expertise is what will make the entrepreneur who receives this award an absolute stand out.

Standard Chartered Private Bank is happy to involve itself in The Entrepreneur All Rounder award to help demonstrate its desire to work with entrepreneurs from all around the country in an effort to provide funding and financial services for the businesses it also sees as the future of the UK.

The awards ceremonies will be held next year and applicants can be fielded through the Entrepreneurs Organisation UK.