Ed Miliband a cause for concern among small business

Newly elected Labour leader Ed Miliband is still a cause for concern among small business owners.  His ties to the trade unions have always bothered them and his policies of advocacy for employees rather than employers is giving them a stir.

An FSB spokesman recently said that they hope Mr. Miliband will listen with equal attention to the opinions of the bosses and the opinions of the workers.  In the past, he has supported policies that increase government intervention into business, decrease workers’ hours, and endorse more fairness to interns.

It is believed that he still leans this way because he retains his strong connections to trade unions.

The FSB also says that it has confidence that Mr. Miliband understands how important it is that bosses and workers get along and that he will be dedicated to working toward this end.

Ed Miliband narrowly beat his own brother in the leadership race, coming in first by about one per cent.