Easy way to build a business iPhone app

United Planet has incorporated a special “page wizard” with Intrexx 5, the latest version of its popular enterprise portal software. This new wizard allows companies to make their business data and web applications ‘mobile’ in no time at all. It will enable companies to provide their employees with access to important business information via smartphones and tablet PCs even when they are out of the office.

According to IDC, the number of mobile employees is to increase to around 1.2 billion by the year 2013. This will result in a corresponding increase in demand for mobile business solutions – whether to communicate with employees in the field or to provide supervisors and management access to important information whilst they are away from the office.

The new page wizard (www.unitedplanet.com/en/mobile) simplifies the process of converting applications and forms from an organisation’s intranet, with a simple ‘point and click’. Without programming, a company can create its own mobile applications in three easy steps:

• Step one: Set up the core web application with Intrexx and select the mobile device that will be used to access the application, e.g. iPhone or BlackBerry.
• Step two: Select the preferred page type and data fields that are to be displayed on the device.
• Step three: Intrexx automatically suggests a complete application page, optimised for the selected device and featuring the typical buttons and workflows. Edit the page according to meet your business needs and create the final layout.

Axel Wessendorf, CEO of United Planet, is convinced that the new iPad will play an important role as the move to ‘go mobile’ accelerates: “The possibilities are enormous: just imagine the benefits when employees are at a conference and have easy access to all company information – without having to boot up their chunky laptops.”

To show companies what an effective balance of work in the office and out-of-the-office can look like in modern times, United Planet has created a sample enterprise portal that can be accessed via a desktop PC as well as via a mobile device. To access the portal, just follow this link www.intrexx.com/motorsportlimited and log in with PeterM (no password needed).