Ducati and Xerox, a winning combination

Ducati build motorbikes, Ducati build state of the art motorbikes, Ducati build very fast motorbikes, Ducati build some of the slickest road machines in the world, Ducati build the sort after motorbikes in the business, Ducati build the kind of big boy’s toys that speed-merchants crave, Ducati build dream-machines. Ducati are masters in the production of the ultimate in speed and style when it comes to the design and crafting of true superbikes.

There is no question that Ducati are world leaders in their chosen field. Unfortunately their innovation and design in the world of office equipment is somewhat lacking, in fact this is an area where Ducati has no skill whatsoever.

So it is pretty obvious that the frontrunner in the biking world needs to be partnered with the premier office equipment company in the world, Xerox, if they want to support their business needs.

So it was a simple marriage to partner the best bikes with the best office equipment to supply the office support that is needed to back up their first class bikes, and allow the company to function to the very best of its abilities in all areas of their business. So was born the Ducati Xerox World Superbike team, a winning combination of very fast motorbikes and super efficient office back-up.