The Dubai Tennis Championships getting help from Xerox

Dubai has emerged in the last decade to reinvent itself away from being an oil producing nation into a major world player in the business, retail and entertainment markets. Its gigantic investments into all kinds of infrastructure, now means that it competes with the main Western destinations for all kinds of amenities such as hotels, conventions, theme parks and sports.

One of its major emerging sports and entertainment events is the Dubai Tennis Championships which is now very much a part of the main international tennis circuit and is jockeying for position against the big competitions such as Wimbledon.

The Dubai Tennis Championships now attract all of the big names in the tennis world, as well as a serious following from those that love the sport. As it has grown in popularity the event has also grown complexity, meaning that it now attracts large numbers of players as well as huge crowds who want to see and be seen at one of the world’s great sporting occasions.

All of this requires an incredible amount of very complex and in-depth organisation on all kinds of levels in order to ensure that all goes well and there are no major logistical problems in holding a competition.

In order to fulfil these requirements the Dubai Tennis Championships have teamed up with Xerox in order to take advantage of their in-depth knowledge of all kinds of essentials from basic printing right up to communicating with hundreds of different organisations spread across the globe in all time zones.

Xerox is also an extremely fundamental part in dealing with the world’s press and giving them everything that they need to cover the event in real time and in depth, so that the right information can be provided to a world audience.

Watch this promotional video to see how Xerox are helping out.

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