Disinfecting to Keep Staff and Students Healthy

How to disinfect effectively
During cold and flu season, and at any time of the year, bacteria can thrive in many areas of our facility, threatening to make you and others sick. Letting contagious diseases like the flu spread from one person to many of the staff or students is not necessary. Only thorough disinfection can keep everyone disease-free during flu season and throughout the year.

Keep the Area Ventilated

Be sure there is proper air flow in the classroom. Switch on exhaust fans to enhance air flow, and open the window as often as possible. Do this before and after disinfecting the classroom.

Helping Sick Students

If you help a student that is sick, try to avoid contact with his or her bodily fluids, and wash your hands after making contact. Encourage all students to practise good hand hygiene, washing their hands for at least 20 seconds each time they use the toilet, when they cough or sneeze, and before and after they eat. Disinfect any areas of the classroom that could have become contaminated by a bodily fluid with a chlorine bleach solution.

Cleaning Surfaces

Routinely cleaning all surfaces in classrooms, kitchens, toilets and other areas helps keep staff and students safe from contagious disease. Disinfecting surfaces is simple.

Take any items sitting on surfaces out.
Sweep and dust the area to remove surface dirt and dust. This makes deep cleaning faster and more effective.
Using a chlorine bleach solution (15 mL of bleach in 3.75 L of water), begin at high points and work to lower ones, changing the solution when necessary. Concentrate on frequently touched surfaces like door handles, desks and taps.
Mop the floor using the bleach solution.
Thoroughly wipe objects you removed using the bleach solution. When dry, replace everything.
Keep disinfecting wipes in the classroom and use them as often as you need to.

Other Common Areas

Be sure that any area of the building that is commonly touched is disinfected at least once a day. This includes water fountains, light switch plates, computer keyboards and mice, and any other surface.

Have insurance ready

Anyone involved with schools should study the options of insurance for schools because if a disease does strike your staff or students then your policy will protect you if a claim is made against you.

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