Devon business embraces low-carbon growth

Following a new forum launch Devon business leaders are being encouraged to consider opportunities in low-carbon growth. The Exeter Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) brought together some those that are in the sustainability sector.

The Exeter Carbon Club was used as an example to build from after they were able to identify more than £500,000 in business savings. Ten workshops will be used to inform businesses about commercial opportunities and sustainability that arise from transitioning to a lower carbon economy.

The network will help make companies become more sustainable and commercially successful. Lloyds TSB Commercial sponsored the launch in Exeter at County Hall. Senior Manager Viv Hignell of Lloyds for sustainable development said climate change is a huge global challenge with significant risks and opportunities to lead.

The managing of environmental impacts has made great progress in recent years with Lloyds TSB and HBOS. And it is important that awareness is raised throughout the SME community and that will be helped through ESBN. She said the bank is happy to be working with the network because it can help members get on with it.

Mark Hodgson a partner at Zero2050 said better management of resource cost is a key driver for being a successful sustainable business. Adding that there is an increasing demand by consumer and businesses for low-carbon services and goods and reaching all businesses will the effect of the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

South West Water carbon manager David Rose said that they are constantly looking for suppliers that will help them achieve targets for low carbon and that includes those businesses that have engaged in the agenda and are making significant savings.