Designing an energy efficient office

There are so many things that you need to consider when it comes to your business, and being socially responsible along with your bottom line are two huge points. So, by making your workplace more energy efficient you can save money on energy prices and give your company a better image.

We all know that the energy situation is in something of a crisis and there are more and more reasons for all of us to go green, and play a part in the world’s future. I guess the big question for you now is how do I go about designing an energy efficient office? Well, this can be a simple task as long as you know what you’re doing.

1. Equipment – When you are buying the machines for your office, you can save energy and money by buying things like scanners, fax machines and printers that come with the certified Energy Star. When you consider that computers can cut energy usage by 60% when certified and using power management, this can make a whole lot of difference for many reasons. Similarly, see if it is viable to have everyone using laptop computers because desktop models can use as much as 80% more energy.

2. Power strips – No matter what equipment you have, it’s likely that you can still save more on energy through getting rid of things like sleep and standby overnight. If you have a printer, laptops and other office machinery, get them plugged in to one strip and just disconnect that are the end of the day so that everything is unplugged and not sucking your energy.

3. Check the market – Tariffs are different in every location or for what you need, and as there is never one company that can claim to be the cheapest you can always find a better deal for both your business and home accounts. So with that in mind, take a look to see if you could switch suppliers and cut your energy bills through more than just energy saving measures.

4. Location is everything – Depending on what your budget is and the location you are choosing, having the office in the right spot can also make you energy efficient. For example, if you use window walls then you can make better use of the natural light and save on lighting costs. Also, if the sun is shining on the office, it will be warmer and you won’t have to spend so much heating the place. What’s more is that many office blocks are being built with energy efficiency in mind so have a look at what they do to lower the building’s expenditure on these bills.

5. Limit printing – Emailing is your friend, and through sending out information over the internet instead of having a number of copies printed, you can save on energy and paper. Make sure everyone in the office knows it, consider using applications like Dropbox and Cloud for sharing private documents so that everyone can see what is going around.

All these things help you to get a more energy efficient office and, of course, there are other things you could do to trim the bill. If you’re getting a new refrigerator, keep it small and try to have any coffee machines or water coolers on timers and this will all help to save the pennies, which ultimately save the pounds.