Cyber-criminals slip into weak business computer security

Business owners will want to insure that their current policies protect them against potential losses from cyber-criminals.  Recently, a very successful criminal enterprise has developed which presents itself as an IT security firm offering advanced protective software for business.

In truth, the IT Security Professionals are IT criminal professionals, posing as security experts in order to gain access to company computer records.  Soon after paying for the security software and downloading it to their computer, unsuspecting companies find that their digital data has been entirely hacked.

True professional computer security experts recommend that you remain with your current security provider and do any and all updates through them.  Don’t trade out a trusted relationship for the promise of better protection and lower prices.  Whatever unknown companies are claiming to be able to sell, you can already be provided by your current, trusted computer security expert.

No one company is so far ahead of another that they can give you dramatically better security options than your current provider.  If you don’t have a computer security provider, get one.  Talk to friends who are in business or local business organizations to determine who they use and who they trust.

Lastly, be certain that your business insurance protects against any costs and/or liability associated with data theft or corruption.