Constant Contact opens up in London

Constant Contact is an online marketing company from the United States who have recently opened an office in London, which they have said is designed to help the UK achieve a similar amount of technological development as seen in the United States. Constant Contact helps businesses to branch out in their online marketing efforts, and helps to monitor their presence on social networks as well as monitoring the use of their email.

The company was founded nearly 15 years ago and has built up a customer base of nearly 500,000 companies, with around 10,000 of these being based in the United Kingdom. Anette Iafrate is a managing director for the company and she has commented, “The early adopters of online marketing techniques, such as social networks ,were in the US but there is a significant expanding market in the UK.

We recently conducted a survey which showed around eight in every 10 businesses in the USvwere using social networks as a method of advertising where as in the UK only 50% were doing so.”

She also highlighted that only a third of businesses who utilised social media in the UK thought that it was being effective. The company has been growing at a steady rate and its expansion has been about 20% a year for the past several years. The company is based in Massachusetts and in 2011 recorded revenue of over $200 million.

Ms Iafrate continued, “There are a huge number of businesses in the UK who have ambitious social media plans and we feel these are crucial to the recovery of the UK economy. By establishing a permanent base in the UK we are hoping to be able to bring our extensive knowledge and skills to these businesses so that they can establish an effective social media campaign.”