Conservative’s want new measures to assist small business employment

The Conservative party has initiated a new ‘Get Britain Working’ campaign that is meeting wide approval from business leaders across the UK, at least according to the Shadow Chancellor.

The campaign is aimed at giving businesses a break on national insurance on the first ten new employees that they hire, in order to encourage businesses to take on new employees. Ordinarily businesses must pay a tax of 12.8pc for each worker’s wages.

The Shadow Chancellor estimates that the campaign could lead to over 60,000 new jobs, which would drastically help lower the unemployment rate that is steadily increasing in the UK.

Deputy Director General of CBI, John Cridland stated that there are many business people who refrain from hiring an employee because of how much red tape and taxes surround the process. However, with the aid of the proposal the process needed to hire employees will become simpler, which will help entrepreneurs in the UK hire employees, and grow their businesses.

The idea is that small business owners will see Britain as a place where they can invest, and set up a business, without high start up costs, which will lead to an influx of small business, and employment opportunities.