Confidential data destruction needs to be closely monitored

A serious warning has been issued to all workers in the legal and financial sector to watch out for unregulated ‘one man bands’ who are trying to enter the data destruction sector. They are urging businesses to only used companies that have the BSIA, British Security Industry Association, accreditation.

ID fraud and security breaches are forever in the news, and a whole new group of companies are entering the market of confidential data destruction to try and capitilise on what is a major worry for all businesses. Add to this the fact that all sizes of business are trying to make cut backs where they can, and many businesses are going to consider employing cheap off site companies to effectively destroy confidential information.

Some of the most recent security breaches of data security includes the disturbing loss if information that the Ministry of Defence have admitted to. The MoD, admits that over the past 4 years they have had 658 laptops stolen, lost 89, and have had 112 USB memory sticks either taken or lost. 26 losses have happened this year alone, including 3 that contained classified information and 19 that were classed as restricted.

“These non regulated one man bands may offer a cheaper service at the outset but do you know how secure your data is? Ask your data destruction company to provide you with an on site service so you can see your waste being destroyed.  Also demand a Certificate of Destruction which confirms the time and date of destruction. When you’re dealing with highly sensitive information like financial records, addresses and bank details, it’s imperative they are securely destroyed.

“I’m calling for greater recognition of accreditation in the security sector. Look out for companies who have BSIA / UKSSA / NAID certification. This ensures a high quality and reliable data destruction service that’s delivered by fully qualified businesses guaranteeing peace of mind.”

Russell Harris, head of communications and chairman of BSIA ID section, said:

“We would advise any financial and legal firms dealing with confidential data to choose a trusted information destruction supplier who will dispose of it correctly and in accordance with current laws. The BSIA is a great place to start when sourcing a reputable supplier, as all of our members meet strict criteria and adhere to high standards of quality.”

Key questions to ask a data destruction company before employing them:

–         How does the company recycle the data?

–         Can you see the data being destroyed in front of you?

–         What proven quality and Security

–         Who is handling your data?

–         What checks have been carried on the operatives?

–         Can the company provide client references?