Company helps UK SMEs break into US

Although it is hard for any SME from the UK to break into the sales field of the US, ExportAction Ltd is attempting to help struggling businesses by publishing ten free tip sheets that help out small businesses that have larger dreams.

The sheets will not be available to purview as a large batch, but instead will be emailed to interested businesses throughout ten working days in a row.  They will be written in simple English and kept brief but poignant.

There are ten major points that will be covered on each of the tips sheets including frequently asked questions such as LLC or Inc for the US, ROI, the US market in general, and how to use telephone and fax lines appropriately to reach the US.

ExportAction has plenty of credentials behind their new effort given the fact that the company president and co-founder Roger Frampton has assisted hundreds of companies across the UK develop sales and business strategies for breaking into the US.  He also has spent time employed with several US companies and working with the UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) for the last ten years.

The company additionally has headquarters in London and Florida, US plus satellite offices that operate out of New York and California.  Additionally, at the moment the company despite its expansion is debt free and earning a profit each year while continuing to fund its own efforts without help from any other financial institutions.