Communication is vital to the success of a business

Having good internal communication with the employees of a business should be something that every company focuses on, whether they are a giant corporation or an SME.

Companies that tend to have good communication often have the founder of the business in the firm as they are excellent at articulating the company’s values and mission, and relating this to all levels of the organisation.

It is also seen that in smaller companies communication is better as there are fewer layers of management for information to flow through. In flatter organisations, it is well known that information flows more freely. Senior managers also have the advantage that they are in direct communication with their staff and can work with them directly to get the best performance possible.

It’s not all good news for small businesses however and it is often the case the communication is allocated a low priority over other areas which are more directly generating profits. It is also the case that if staff are turned over regularly in a small business that it will affect communication negatively. Someone missing from a small company is going to be much more noticeable than someone missing from thousands of employees.

If you want to ensure that you have better communication in your business there are several steps you can take. One of the most important is that you conduct an employee survey to get a lay of the land. If your employees think the communication is generally excellent already, then you don’t have much to worry about. However, if the situation is worse, the survey will highlight areas for improvement.

Once you have conducted this it is important that you make the vision of the company known to everyone. It is important that the people working in your company know why you are different from the other players in the market, and why they are valuable to the company.

Finally you should make sure that all of these messages are communicated through the right channels. The must be clear ways for communication to take place in the business and employees should be made well aware of these.